I'm Josh!  Thank you for considering me for your photography needs.  My photography career began the summer of 1998 over Chinese food.  A professional photographer friend suggested that I should consider photography as a career.  So I assisted him on a couple of weddings, received some mentorship from another photographer friend, and then I went for it.  Since then, my career has included 25+ years of people photography and 8 and 1/2 years of product photography.  Photographing people is my preference.  I really enjoy documenting life events and stages of life.  In addition to photography, I'm pretty involved in a local running social club, and I'm a crazy cat dad.  (Also an actual dad)
Based in West Peoria, IL. 
Photographing weddings, events, and portraits
in Central Illinois and beyond. 
Enthusiastically LGBTQ+ friendly.
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